Tech in Agriculture? India leads the way.

Agriculture industry could be the spirit of the world’s market by contributing 17 percent to the GDP. I wondered why technician savvy entrepreneurs of the united states did not exploit this business? And while I had been researching to this guide, I discovered there are many start ups working towards the uplift of the industry and also have devised some innovative ideas that help Indian farmers grow and bring in well. These innovative ways are set to increase the output of the farmers and as well as the quality of the produce.Here’s just a set of a small number of innovative start ups of interest to the farming industry. India being one of the fastest growing economies and world leader, it has deviced ways and methods to increase it’s produce through technology.

Tech in agriculture

Evolution out of Kiosk to mobile Platform for Urban India

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO), together with telecom giant Bharti Airtel and Star Global Resources Ltd. has encouraged IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Limited as a Partnership. IFFCOKisan is really a mobile program that targets providing advice and solutions, not merely on agriculture but also on other desires of a farmer like health, education, dairy farm, fishery etc..

A ‘Direct-to-farmer’ Mcommerce stage

With the growth in smartphone penetration from remote sections of the Earth, the occasions not far when farmers could readily get their farm equipment or even the raw substances in their mobile phone. Possessing this at mind, these younger entrepreneurs have produced an advanced startup, also called Agro Star at which they are changing agribusiness for farmers. They have assembled a “direct to farmer” Mcommerce platform by which farmers may secure agri-inputs Required for their farms Simply by providing a missed call in their own platform and finally obtaining their mobile programHeadquartered out of Pune, AgroStar is now operating from the countries of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Connecting businesses, distributors, retailers, and farmers

This agriculture-specific online discovery platform has been set in 2016 together with the attention to help users, merchants and the market in general. The agrihub gives you authentic solution advice regarding brands in traditional and hi tech agriculture. The business arouses the maturation of an open, collaborative and booming agriculture e-commerce Eco system and also to empower advice for Indian farmers and agribusiness professionals. The stage joins, organizations, distributor retailers to appeal to the wants of farmers from India.Need anything? Is what we as a team wish to promote,” explained Rajeeb Kumar Roy, Founder and CEO, The Agrihub. He’s an industry veteran who’s accountable for presenting the latest technologies previously 22 years in advanced agriculture niche.

Going digital to enhance rural livelihoods

Rikin Gandhi, creator of Digital Green is rolling out a job to educate farmers in the kind of plain videos starring local farmers themselves.While working with the Microsoft, I learnt that video approach is more influential and cost-effective as an information dissemination and advocacy tool among rural communities than the traditional extension system which is limited, in terms of reach and relevance of content,” explained Rikin Gandhi, Founder, Digital Green.Though corporate and start ups are doing work on farm to advertise services and products, the addition of agriculture market stage by the government is likely to make the full eco system of trade very powerful.

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